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Howdy my Friend: I Doug Crabb am sold on Amsoil products. The Amsoil  tech department works hard to bring forth the best of the best synthetic lube products. I am from Alaska and wish that I had used synthetic Amsoil products  there as it has the best starting oils for cold weather. The design of synthetic products is such that it can be used much longer than other oils. The Signature Synthetic Amsoil is designed and tested to give you protection and lubrication for up to 25,000 miles or one year. An excellent product for commuters. Their Synthetic gear lubes hugs the gear teeth and will not sling off. Their Nano fiber filters take up to 1 micron of debris out of the oil. (I micron is one millionth of a meter.) We have products for gas and diesel car and truck engines, motor cycles and small engines and more. We have fuel additives. We will change your oil free. If you want an Amsoil product we do not stock we can usually get it in 24 hours if its not a weekend. Amsoil is a friendly company and I see integrity in every person with whom I have been involved. We are out to give you a deal that you can’t beat. You can become a preferred customer, an Amsoil dealer, or own a commercial account if you have a fleet of vehicles to care for.  If you have a store front you can be an on the shelf retailer of Amsoil products. I Doug Crabb can help you with any of this.  Call today:  760 272 9259  Save your money!

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